Nitty Gritty

The "Nitty Gritty" Newsletter from the Go2Group


The "Nitty Gritty" Newsletter from the Go2Group
In a brainstorming meeting on what to call and include in our new monthly e-letter, my mom Shirley’s voice jumped into my head, as it does from time to time without warning.  She often used the term “nitty gritty” when referring to the bottom line, the brass tacks or nuts & bolts of a story or "situation".  As the mother of 12, she didn’t waste time or energy on nonsense or fluff.  She couldn't.
Don't get me wrong, she got a kick out of a good story now and then, but there just wasn't much time to mess around. We hope to capture a slice of this sentiment in our new monthly real e-letter.  Our goal is to deliver essential, nutritional information from the real estate world & beyond, with the occasional juicy, spicy or thought-provoking condiment on the side.  Besides sharing our listings, we hope you learn something useful plus something that makes you smile.  Sound OK?  We gotta ink this title before Shirley revises it to another one of her faves, "The Meat & Potatoes".  Enjoy!  Karen
Do you have an "energy hog?"

If you don’t have a variable speed circulating pump installed in your pool equipment system, you may be loosing hundreds of $ down the drain every year.  By installing one of these newer pumps, you can significantly reduce your energy costs.  In fact, a new pump can easily pay for itself in the first year.

Ready for some even better news?  The LADWP will give you a $500-$1,000 rebate if you follow their protocol for new installation. See link below. This program will be offered for a limited time so there are no guarantees it will be extended next year.

Thanks to our Go2Group pool inspector Bob Culver of Culver Pools for this no brainer, $ saving tip.
Deck these Halls 

3388 Tareco Drive

Hollywood Knolls

Gratitude is good for your health.

Recent studies from the top research universities show that regular practices of gratitude improve physical health and emotional well being. In fact, if you are having trouble sleeping, a daily dose of gratitude could be the key to a good night’s sleep.

For a list of 7 scientifically proven health benefits, check out the link below.

One thing we love about real estate is that there is never a dull moment.  No two transactions are ever the same.  In fact, one of the many things we are grateful for (see above) about working in real estate, is that we have the opportunity to continually learn new things, despite the fact that we have closed hundreds of deals over the course of twenty years.  We like learning new stuff and thought you might too.  Stay tuned for lessons learned from the transaction trenches.
What the heck is a Hardy Frame?

With today’s architectural designs calling for more glass and less wall, the Hardy frame (brand name) is a structural panel installed into the building’s framing system to resist the forces of earthquakes & wind. This narrower steel panel takes the place of the longer solid plywood wall without compromising strength.

Karen is pleased to see that her structural engineer husband Rob has inserted a few of them into the design of their second story addition. We'll know where to find her next time we have a shaker.  
Is your neighborhood hot or not?
And speaking of learning, we are also grateful for the super slick technology tools that our business partner, Compass, offers both its clients and agents.  Download this handy little app onto your smartphone for keeping track of the values in your own neighborhood or for scoping out the market history of a new one. Check it out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more cutting edge real estate tools next month.

COMPASS Market App -
You've passed it a million times
12454 Kling Street, Studio City
3 BD
2.5 BA
3838 Buena Park Drive
Studio City (Sold) 
3 BD
3 BA
32256 Hillock Drive
Hollywood Knolls (Sold)
2 BD
2 BA

"I love working with Karen Medved (and have for the past few years and properties). Karen always presents me with many options and I never feel like I am being pressured into any deal.

Karen was extremely attentive and detailed about the transaction. It has helped having an able assistant on the job as well. I had used Karen before on two other purchases and two sales.  I would use her again in an instant."

Buyer - Jack - Toluca Lake

Our Los Angeles & San Diego County Property Taxes are due December 10, 2017.  Since the 10th falls on a Sunday this year, we have one more day to significantly deplete our bank accounts before the upcoming holidays…but hey - let’s be grateful for the privilege of paying these taxes because we are fortunate enough to own property in this thriving Southern California real estate market.

To pay online, you will need your Assessor’s Parcel Number or Assessor’s Identification Number printed on your bill. If you don’t have it, just email us your address and we will look it up for you.  Carl, we'll send yours on December 1 since you ask every year ;).