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The January (barely) Nitty Gritty Newsletter


The January (barely) Nitty Gritty Newsletter, 
Dear Friends, 
We apologize that the January edition of the Nitty Gritty is a bit tardy this month but we've been kinda busy...

Together with the help of our super talented staff & collaborative fellow agents at COMPASS BEVERLY HILLS, we recently packaged 2000 hand knitted red caps to be given to every Angeleno baby born at an area hospital during February.  This mission would not have been accomplished without the

MAD folding / cutting/ wrapping / stuffing / hole punching / sealing / counting / ribbon tying SKILLS
of our generous & focused colleagues.
But now, it's back to our day jobs. 

Please scroll below for a few Nitty Gritty real estate tidbits and then let's discuss how will execute your real estate goals. Message us.  Our Go2Group assembly line is always up and running. 


Karen Medved    Julie Carruthers    Stacy Danfifer
A couple reminders:

#1- As discussed in the December Nitty Gritty, the application deadline for the California Earthquake Authority's brace bolt program closes on February 23, 2018.  Thank you to our friends in Studio City who reminded us to share that grant money received is taxable as income.

#2 -Stay tuned for our local hands only CPR training to be announced next month.
a first time for everything...
Recently our inspection team discovered that the chimney foundation of this California ranch style home was mysteriously missing -  which was quite odd. 

But why would it have been built that way or removed?  It just didn't make sense.

After researching the property records, we learned that the home was actually moved from its location in La Canada (under the present day 210 freeway) to Sun Valley about the time the freeway was built in the 1970's.  Guess they forgot to pack the foundation.  Mystery solved.

This month's Take Away? = Always research city building records.  You never know what you may learn.