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The December Nitty Gritty Newsletter

The December Nitty Gritty Newsletter
Dear Clients, Friends & Family, 


We wish you a peaceful holiday season this month infused with laughter, joy & lots of delicious flavors!  We also hope you get to take your foot off the pedal this holiday season so that you're ready & refreshed to coast into a new year of hope, prosperity and welcome surprises. 


Reflecting on this past year, we are grateful for your trust in us to execute your real estate goals.  We are honored you chose to work with us or referred us to others just like you - really nice people with real estate needs all over the great city of Los Angeles.  How lucky we are…we look forward to more of the same in 2018.  


We also appreciate our new business partnership with COMPASS. It was a very stimulating & rejuvenating year thanks to its culture of support, collaboration & innovation.  We enjoyed using their cutting edge tools & mind blowing technology to complement our 20+ years of real estate experience.  It was so much fun. 


Stay tuned for more Nitty Gritty News in 2018 as well as quarterly market minutes to keep you informed on real estate trends in your neighborhood.



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Trash could be so festive?!


Check out this colorful holiday wreath crafted out of scavenged items & marine debris scooped off the beach by educator, artist & dear friend Janis Jones of Vista, CA.  


This iconic symbol of the holidays also reminds us that plastic - like the circle - is eternal.  It has no end.  “It doesn’t biodegrade; it photo-degrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller bits, which pollute the environment and never truly go away.  These micro-plastics are found just about everywhere - in the soil, and even the air we breathe. We can all stop this scourge by refusing single use plastic items such as straws, cutlery, cups, lids & foam products." 


To enjoy more of Janis’ thought provoking art & worthy message, vist:


Instagram - janisselbyjones

and speaking of the air we breathe...



get a charge while charging
Saks 5th Avenue
Beverly Hills

compliments of


Need a last minute stocking stuffer?

How about an application to save
up to $3,000
to bolt your foundation?

If your house was built before 1979 and has not since been seismically upgraded, the Governor's Office of Emergency Safety and the California Earthquake Authority (C.E.A.) are accepting applications for grants to qualified homeowners in designated zip codes.  Funds will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis so it is best to apply now before the yearly grant allotment runs out.  Check out the website today to see if your home qualifies.

For a contractor recommendation, consider Safe-T-Proof, a retrofitting company approved and recommended by the C.E.A. who will estimate your home's bolting needs, pull the required permits and complete the work.  Mention TEAM MEDVED, and Safe-T-Proof will offer a 10% discount on these money saving retrofitting services. Your earthquake insurance provider may also offer a 20% discount on your premium after the upgrade is finished.

A huge thanks to Julie for researching this
$ saving tip!

We’re sorry to keep bringing up taxes, but in case you’ve been off the grid, you should know your tax situation may change significantly next year. 

If you haven't done so already, it may be prudent to check in with your tax advisor for guidance on certain steps to take
before Dec. 31.


For instance, if you are self employed and/or incorporated, your accountant may advise you to defer income to next year while incurring as many expenses as possible this year.  If you are able, he/she may also advise you to pay your next installment of property taxes (due April 10, 2018) on your primary residence before the end of this year before the maximum deductible limits are reduced.  

We use this tool to procure properties and create a dialogue with clients about possible purchase candidates or to discuss potential market value of listings based on the recent sales.  Call or email us so we can send you an invitation to collaborate with us on Collections.